CREDO stands for Credibility, Reliability, Efficiency, Diligence, Opportunity. Learn about our CREDO today!

A few words about us

CREDO® Consulting Engineers, LLC has a variety of experience resulting from individual areas of expertise within engineering. Our successful approach of working closely with our clients and local building authorities during the design process assures a safe, approved design and timely delivery of documents.
Our attention to quality, reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction has achieved us a steady growth of clientele along with maintaining the loyalty of our existing customers. This, in turn, has resulted in excellent working relationships with our clients and consistent business within a highly competitive market.



Irina Goldenberg, M.S.E.E.

President of CREDO Consulting Engineers, LLC
Leadership BIOS
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Robert Salsbury P.E.

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Leadership BIOS


In Latin ‘Credo’ means ‘We Believe’:
  1. 1

    We believe that maximizing the satisfaction of our customers is our most important concern as a means of warranting their continued loyalty.

  2. 2

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional engineering and related services with integrity and personal attention, for every client, on every project, every day.

  3. 3

    Our mission at Credo Consulting Engineers is to provide a broad range of quality personalized engineering services by empowering our employees and fostering open communication with our clients.



"Our confidence in Credo comes from always provide top-notch engineering solutions which are practical and build-able. This coupled with sharp attention to detail, quick response times and support through project completion all make CREDO Consulting Engineers our first choice for our projects."

Brian Ira Bullock, Architect, LEED BD+C President The Benedict Bullock Group, PA